... Fix Palworld Polymer Not Showing Up With Troubleshooting Guide

Fix Palworld Polymer Not Showing Up with Troubleshooting Guide

Key takeaways from Palworld Polymer Not Showing Up guide:

  • 1) Make sure that the polymer is unlocked at Technology Level 33, and also keep all the necessary things beside you, like high-quality oil.
  • 2) Arrange a proper production assembly line to make polymer out of the specified materials.
  • 3) Troubleshoot and check by pausing the game and creating the assembly line once again by disassembling the previously created assembly line.
  • 4) To avoid the bugs in the game, it’s advised to update or restart the game.
  • 5) Check out all the troubleshooting guides and steps, and if the issue still persists, then contact the customer support of the game.


In the world of polymer, crafting weapons and tools is necessary for survival. Polymer is the right material that helps create the weapons in the game. Many of the players face the issue of polymer not showing up, which restricts their game progress and creates frustration. 

Don’t worry, we’re here with a detailed guide to check the exact reasons behind this issue and will provide practical guides to overcome this issue so that you can enjoy the gameplay easily.

Knowing the issue

Knowing the issue of Polymer Not Showing Up

This world of Polyworld consists of many dynamic structures, and this comes with a lot of technical problems. One of the most common issues that the majority of the players face during crafting is that the polymer doesn’t appear, which hinders their growth in the game. 

There can be many reasons responsible for this, like game bugs, incomplete setup, or incorrect assembly line use. Knowing all these factors is very crucial before diving into the troubleshooting guides with solutions.

Keeping up with the requirements 

Some pre-requirements should be fulfilled before successfully crafting polymers for the Polyworld game:

  • Unlock Polymer: Make sure that you have reached Technology Level 33 and have also used 2 technology points so that you can unlock Polymer in the skill tree.
  • Arrange Resources: Make sure to arrange materials like 100 ingots, 50 wood, 20 nails, and 10 cements before starting. In order to craft polymers, it is also essential to use high-quality oil extracted from dumud and elphidran. 

Production Assembly Line Build-Up 

Production Assembly Line Build-Up 

It’s very crucial to make an correct assembly line:

Required Resources: As per the game specifications, construct the assembly line with the help of the arranged materials. 

Pre-requirements of Skill Tree: In order to have a properly functional assembly line, make sure that all the required skills are unlocked.

Power and Infrastructure: Connect the assembly line correctly to make it run smoother. For optimal performance, you can employ pals with handiwork suitability.

Troubleshooting Steps 

Whenever you face the issue of Palworld Polymer Not Showing Up, just follow the below-provided guide carefully:

  • Pause the game: It is very important to pause the game while following the troubleshooting guide so that it doesn’t create any interference in between.
  • Disassemble Assembly Line: Now go through the navigation menu and select the Build menu, enter the disassembly mode, and deconstruct the assembly line. Finally, you’ll get the components of their basic nature.
  • Reconstruct the assembly line: Now reconstruct the assembly line at the desired location. Also, make sure that it has a proper power supply and has proper connections. 
  • Check the working: Resume the paused game and check if the polymer shows up in the crafting menu of the assembly line or not.

More fixes and things to consider

More fixes and things to consider to fix Palworld Polymer Not Showing Up

If the issue still persists, then follow the following solutions to overcome this problem:

Restart the game: Log out of the game and come back to check if the bug affecting the visibility of polymers has been resolved or not.

Use the Right Assembly Line: Cross-check if the assembly line that you have been using is correct or not. Specifically, check the assembly line unlocked after level 32 to access the options for polymer crafting.

Reconstruct the assembly line: If the problem still exists, then it is advised that you disassemble and reconstruct to refresh the functionality of the assembly line.

Update the game: This issue might be a bug in the game, so it is strongly advised that you update your Palworld game to the latest version. With the update, the bugs will be fixed and the polymer-related issues will not occur again in your gameplay.

Contact the support team: If all the above steps don’t solve your problem, then contact the support team at Palworld. Follow the guides and directions provided by them to get the Palworld Polymer Not Showing Up issue resolved. 

Polymers’s Use While Crafting 

Once you follow the troubleshooting guide or contact the support team to resolve the issue of Palworld Polymer Not Showing Up, it’s important to know the importance of polymer in the game to craft different types of structures and items.

Weapons: Grizzbolt’s MiniGun, Rocket Launcher, Assault Rifle, and other weapons like these can increase your combat power, and polymer can help in creating such weapons.

Tools: Build some of the most advanced tools in the Palworld game, like electric furnaces, refrigerators, and circuit boards, with the help of polymers. Like this polymer, it can be used in various building processes for weapons and tools.

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1) How do I fix the Palworld polymer not showing up?

To fix this issue, it is advised to restart the game, update it, or contact the support staff to get a possible solution for Palworld Polymer Not Showing Up.

2) What are the key resources for creating an assembly line in Palworld?

100 ingots, 50 pieces of wood, 20 nails, and 10 pieces of cement are the essential resources needed while constructing an assembly line.

3) How do I unlock Polymer in Palworld?

You need to reach technology level 33 and spend 2 technology points in the skill tree to unlock the polymer in the crafting menu.

4) What should I do if the polymer doesn’t show up after building the assembly line?

Try to refresh the functionality of the assembly line by disassembling it and rebuilding it.

5) Why is it important to use the right assembly line in the Palworld game?

By using the right assembly line, you’ll get crafting options like polymer. And also, the bugs and functional issues will be reduced significantly.


The Palworld game has many interesting aspects, but the issue of Palworld polymer not showing up can just make the process more challenging yet rewarding. To overcome this challenge, all the players can check out the troubleshooting guides, unlock the polymer, reassemble the assembly line, and contact the support staff of the game to overcome this issue and get a possible solution.

This game is really awesome, and by following the steps required when faced with an issue, you can make sure that you have smooth gameplay.

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